Wine lover. Beer snob. Enthusiastic day drinker. Happy hour champion. 

For over 20 years, I didn't just identify as a drinker, I built an entire identity around the fact that I LOVED drinking. Wine glasses filled my shelves, adorned my wall art, and served as Instagram #inspo. Weekends and vacations were planned around imbibing; relationships - romantic, platonic, and professional - were built in bars. Teetotalers need not apply. 

Make Every Hour Happy Hour.jpg

For years, I saw drinking as my ticket to happiness. Surely, though the opportunities alcohol presented, I'd find adventure, romance, myself. It might have led to the first two, at least on a surface level, but eventually, I realized that numbing myself through adulthood was actually, maybe, kind of holding me back?   

I never hit a rock bottom (nope, more like lived on an endless plateau), or felt forced to quit because anything bad happened. Instead, I finally woke up to the idea that I was limiting myself - my personal development, my own happiness - and that I was capable of a more extraordinary future.

When I quit drinking, I expected to have an identity crisis - no longer would I be the happy-hour-going, good-time-gal that always brought a bottle or ordered another round. Who was I if not that girl? (By girl I mean grown ass woman.) It turns out that Sober Me is a much happier, calmer, grateful person, who I, at least, think, is WAY more fun to be around. 

Without alcohol, I'm fully clear, present, and still not exactly sure who the f*@% I am, but I'm excited to find out.